Signing Mortgage Documents Outside Canada? No Problem!

Borrowers sometimes find themselves unable to be physically present in Canada to sign mortgage documents in time for closing.  This is generally not a problem for Kokanee Mortgage.  Our team of lawyers have systems in place, often using Notaries Public in other countries, to facilitate the execution of the documents.

We’ve had document packages sent to locations all over the world for signing, including to a cruise ship.  One family was on a vacation in the middle of the ocean when the documents were ready to be signed.  We had the document package sent to them electronically, and when the ship docked in Australia, they found a Notary Public to witness their signatures and return the originals.  The deal closed on time without a hitch.

The team at Kokanee Mortgage includes some of the most innovative lawyers across Canada who find creative ways get the deal closed in the face of obstacles.  If you have a deal with unique closing challenges, call us for help.