Simple Trick – The 5 W’s of Private Mortgage Applications

Face it, when a broker is dealing with “A” deals all day long, it’s hard to remember what to ask when a new call comes in that requires a Private Mortgage.  But here’s something that will help, and it can even be used over the phone to help pre-qualify a potential client.  Simply go through the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of the deal.

WHERE is the property?  City/Province and address.  If it’s rural, what is it close to and how would a lender find it on a map.

WHAT kind of property is it?  Residential or Commercial or Acreage or other?

WHY do they need a private lender?  Is it a credit issue or income problem?  Is a rural property or unique location?  Is it a title issue such as a leasehold interest or Option to Purchase?

WHO is the borrower?  How is their income/employment?  Beacon scores?

WHEN do they need to close?  Is this a panic because an “A” lender backed out at the last minute or is it a purchase with a distant closing date?

HOW will they fix their situation and pay the lender out?  The exit must be clear for Private Lenders.

Even before filling out an application, pulling Credit reports etc., you’ll already have most of the information that you’ll need to start calling your Private Lender partners.

The underwriting team at Kokanee Mortgage is always happy to help you sift through the information on a new application and figure out a solution for your client.